Monday, June 13, 2011

"my new cover-set to her"

sperti yg dijanjikan, entry kali i hv something special to show to my all n u all.. my gift to my special as i mention last-last post, "my new cover-set to her"...hoyey !!!!

mula2 terima barang ni

selamat semasa proses 'sanding' by kertas pasir

iskandar, member aku yg tlg sk semasa proses pembikinan 'my gift' nih..and x sabar rasa nk tgk baby dia yg bakal dilahirkan ujung bln 7-8 btul..bkn 'baby muto erk'

byk aku blaja ngn dia, how to spray n how to stick ur stiker....tq my prend
here it new cover-set to her...isn't it look beutiful in it right?

tq n happy annervasery to my special......
hujan pun turun renyai2 ptg tu bak merenjis rahmat...insylh
nothing to say....n sampai ketemu lagi dilain waktu...
n sory recently post entah aper2 but for me its meaningfull coz that i've learnt something from there...
by the way, i hope my next-next post will give benefit to both of us. 
Otherwise, the blog need to isolate for awhile...

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